Training the Trainers

August 4, 2018

Team Building

A team from Regent Training came to the studio on Tuesday for a half day of glass blowing as their team building exercise. They had a good time and gave me the impression that Regent Training Centre in Whangarei would be an enjoyable place to work. They do a great job of org...
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Back on the job

June 17, 2018

Furnace is complete and working

I spent five days heating the furnace from room temp to 1300C. Started with the gas torch and slowly raised the temp to 200C. I then started the burner and ramped up at between 5 and 10C per hour over 5 days. Filled the furnace on Thursday and started work over the weekend. ...
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The dome is complete

Rebecca and Diane helped me complete the final layer of lightweight castable refractory yesterday. Ready to start up tomorrow. The following image shows the: 1800 dome with the polystyrene former removed from inside and out, the 1400 fibre blanket in place and covered with c...
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Cast in Stone

May 31, 2018

The Dome is Done

Yesterday Justin and Rebecca helped me to cast the first layer of the top of the furnace - an 80mm layer of 1800 refractory cast in a former made of polystyrene. Making the former took me a week but the result was effective, especially joining the lower and upper parts toget...
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Arise Sir Fergus

May 22, 2018

The new crucible is now invested.

I have invested the crucible in 1800 castable refractory and shaved off the edges of the insulating bricks (image above). Now I am working on the former for the dome. Image above shows the base completed. The images below show the crucible surrounded by the insulating bricks...
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Looks like I am building a wishing well

Demolition complete, rubbish disposed of and have started the re-build. Re-laid the fibre and bricks that make up the base and decided to cast a square in the middle to prevent the fibre underneath being squashed like the last time. Now cutting the bricks that make the surro...
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The Furnace is Dead

May 16, 2018

Long live the Furnace

I shut down the furnace two weeks ago and we took a two week break driving round the North Island visiting friends, family and galleries (24960 km). I am back in the studio this week organising the rebuild - Here are a few photos showing what I did today :-)...
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Photos by Wendy

April 14, 2018

Great Photos

I had a visit from Wendy Bown last week. Wendy is a professional photographer who takes photos of artist for fun. She took photos while I was blowing a couple of vases and has posted them on her blog. I have added a few to my blog. Wendy BownPhotographer / Film maker / Artis...
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New Tumblers and carafes

January 31, 2018

Something New

I thought I should show you my new tumblers made with K2 transparent frits and the carafes I made to go with them. As well as green, blue and red I have tried them in yellow but have not got the colours right yet. ...
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Auckland Botanical Gardens

December 14, 2017

Painted glass at the Auckalnd Botanical Gardens

Here are a couple of photos of the painted and blown glass I sent to Auckland Botanical Gardens last month. The first one is call Devonport from the Ferry and the other one is titled Tangible Traces. The show is open until February...
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