Glass Blowing Schedule 2020.

Blowing from 10am to 4pm on:

Wednesday 9th September

Thursday 10th 

Friday 11th   

Saturday 12th  

Sunday 13th  

Monday 14th

Wednesday 16th

Thursday 17th

Friday 18th   

Saturday 19th  

Sunday 20th  

Monday 21st

Wednesday 23rd

Thursday 24th

Friday 25th   

Saturday 26th  

Sunday 27th  

Monday 28th September

These days are subject to change

Every piece of glass I create is a unique piece of art

I have developed the shard technique to enable me to create unique and interesting abstract art on blown glass. Look for my painted and blown work. I apply all I have learnt from years of painting and studying art to create these works.

Whangarei promotional video

September 12, 2020
My 15 seconds of fame
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Keith Grinter is the glass artist based in the Town Basin, Whangarei


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