A borrowed Lathe

One of my glass blowing students lent me her lathe while she went overseas for a few months. I cut down a Tristaniopsis Laurina (alias water gum), an Australian tree that grows like a weed in Northland. It was us big enough to turn a woodblock for glass blowing. It was ...
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These four pieces are part of a series based on Mussorgsky's music "Pictures at an Exhibition"

The old Castle, The Great Gates of Kiev, The Cattle and Gnomus. Below is the next in the series - Tuilerie Gardens and I am currently working on Promenade.  These works were painted on small, sandblasted glass blanks using Paradise Paints. The paintings are based on bli...
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Photos by Simon Gould-Thorpe

February 11, 2019

Here are a few photos of me blowing a tumbler

Simon was in the studio a couple of days ago watching me blow glass. He took a few photos of me blowing tumblers and kindly sent them to me, Here they are. ...
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Glass Blowing Video

December 10, 2018

Video made by students from Northcross Intermediate School

Joules, Dani and Summer arranged to visit my studio to make a video of glass blowing. They did a great job as you can see in the finished video. I hope to see them back here soon to try this amazing art for themselves. ...
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My New Neighbour

A few months ago a start was made on demolishing the old Harbour Board Building to make way for the new Hundertwasser Art Centre. A bunch of us from the local businesses were there when the first pile was vibrated into the ground. I took a piece of my glass and placed it on ...
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The Other Day in 2016

October 5, 2018

Re-building the Whanganui Glass School Furnace in January 2016

Rebecca Heap found this photo of Brendan Sole and I casting the furnace roof  for the Glass School furnace. This was part of our furnace building elective. Although I now build furnaces to a different design, what I learnt on this course was invaluable when I ...
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And I am still blowing glass

Five years ago on 16th September 2013 I moved into the glass studio created by Keith Mahy in the Town Basin Whangarei. I left the ute and trailer parked in the loading zone half the day because I was busy in the studio and got a $14.00 fine. The next day Garry Nash helped me...
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Photographs by Dave Kerr

September 5, 2018

Photos taken by Dave Kerr

Photographer Dave Kerr was in the studio a few days ago and sent me a couple of the images he took of me blowing. In the top photo I was reducing the black lustre. The reducing flame turns silver oxide into pure silver on the surface of the glass to create a shiny lip-wrap. ...
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Training the Trainers

August 4, 2018

Team Building

A team from Regent Training came to the studio on Tuesday for a half day of glass blowing as their team building exercise. They had a good time and gave me the impression that Regent Training Centre in Whangarei would be an enjoyable place to work. They do a great job of org...
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Back on the job

June 17, 2018

Furnace is complete and working

I spent five days heating the furnace from room temp to 1300C. Started with the gas torch and slowly raised the temp to 200C. I then started the burner and ramped up at between 5 and 10C per hour over 5 days. Filled the furnace on Thursday and started work over the weekend. ...
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