All the way from Sweden

February 28, 2020

This should keep us going for a week or two

6 ton of Glasma 705A glass batch arrived from Sweden last week. Minimal damage from fork lifts this time. The Hi-ab truck made unloading easy; dropped just outside the studio door ready for me and Brendon to roll into the studio. We did have to spend the previous day cleanin...
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Trying to let go

February 20, 2020

Brendon and Shawn blowing bowls

I am trying to give my body a break after six and a half years of mostly solo blowing. I know from other studio owners that there comes a point when you need to get help, or permanently stuff up wrists etc. It is a big step to let a couple of other guys take over some of the...
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Full-time Assistant

February 16, 2020

Brendon at work in the Grinter Glass Studio

Here's a few photos of my new assistant, Brendon, at work in my studio today. This is his second day at work. He is looking forward to making his work with the excellent Swedish glass I use, once he has got settled in. He is finding it a bit hotter than Whanganui, where he h...
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New tumblers

January 23, 2020

I have been developing new colours of tumblers and refining some of the others.

The new ones are lime green and Water Lily.  ...
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The Hundertwasser is happening

December 10, 2019

I thought it was time I posted a few images of the progress on our new neighbour

Since the piling finished we don't hear or feel much from the building site. I cycle past the construction site most days and suddenly realised how much progress has been made over the last six months. You can see the the basic outline of the building is starting to take sha...
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It's nearly Christmas !!!

November 21, 2019

So Shawn thought he would make a few Christmas ornaments

And a local German Frau wanted some clear ones for her Christmas tree (Europeans appreciate clear glass). And then Shawn made a few more as they were selling from the studio sales table. ...
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It has only taken six years

I have finally managed to hang some paintings in the studio. Some have been unwrapped for the first time since we moved six years ago. This move was inspired by a possibility that may come to pass soon. If it does I will let you know. Meanwhile someone is coming to buy a pai...
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A borrowed Lathe

One of my glass blowing students lent me her lathe while she went overseas for a few months. I cut down a Tristaniopsis Laurina (alias water gum), an Australian tree that grows like a weed in Northland. It was us big enough to turn a woodblock for glass blowing. It was ...
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These four pieces are part of a series based on Mussorgsky's music "Pictures at an Exhibition"

The old Castle, The Great Gates of Kiev, The Cattle and Gnomus. Below is the next in the series - Tuilerie Gardens and I am currently working on Promenade.  These works were painted on small, sandblasted glass blanks using Paradise Paints. The paintings are based on bli...
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Photos by Simon Gould-Thorpe

February 11, 2019

Here are a few photos of me blowing a tumbler

Simon was in the studio a couple of days ago watching me blow glass. He took a few photos of me blowing tumblers and kindly sent them to me, Here they are. ...
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