Hundertwasser Art Centre, Whangarei

My New Neighbour

A few months ago a start was made on demolishing the old Harbour Board Building to make way for the new Hundertwasser Art Centre. A bunch of us from the local businesses were there when the first pile was vibrated into the ground. I took a piece of my glass and placed it on a light box next to the rig to see if we were going to have problems with the piling. It did not move at all. Since then we have felt the vibrations every week day and sometimes on the weekends as the pilers try and keep on schedule. Each pile goes 33m into the ground - three lengths of steel tube welded together. The mud is then augured out and they are filled with concrete and reinforcing steel. The piling will be completed next week and the building can start. Below are a few progress photos. 



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