Full-time Assistant

Brendon at work in the Grinter Glass Studio

Here's a few photos of my new assistant, Brendon, at work in my studio today. This is his second day at work. He is looking forward to making his work with the excellent Swedish glass I use, once he has got settled in. He is finding it a bit hotter than Whanganui, where he has been a valued assistant and glass blower since I was a student with him in 2004. As well as his experience with glass blowing and assisting he has great skills with cold working (grinding and polishing) glass. I rang him in August, to ask about a technical issue to do with making glass and ended up offering him a job up here in Whangarei. After six and a half years, mostly working solo, I thought it about time I got more help. Shawn has been helping over the last year, when our calendars coincide and he will continue to be a valued assistant. He will be working with Brendon on Wednesday for the first time. 


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