Don Quixote - from a drawing of the wind turbines at Makara.
Don Quixote - from a drawing of the wind turbines at Makara.

Don Quixote used the last of the glass blanks I have made.

So now I have set up the patio for painting on canvas. I have brought home my paints and easel and unwrapped a painting of a crazy drawing of a giant balloon village. This was started over 7 years ago, before I bought the glass studio. It looks a bit weird at the moment because I was painting this over another painting. Great to be using the oil paints again. 

Keeping fit with landscaping

I spent the Covid-19 lock-down working on the landscaping I have been wanting to get on with for the last few years. Now I have the time. Here is an image of the terrace gardens by the new fence and gate I put up last year. I can't find a before image but it was a rough, stony bank. 

I am now working on setting up a system to use the water that runs out from under the section through one of the thrust drains that the engineer wanted drilled under our section. This runs at about 70 litres per minute right through the driest months of the summer so would be a great source of garden water for the next drought. We had it tested and it safe for gardening use. 

Putting in a few hours hard gardening after breakfast keeps me fit and I then enjoy settling down and doing a few hours painting. Along with running the studio I think this could be a balanced way of life to keep me busy for the next few years. 


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