The Market at Limoges

Finally got to blow a painted work

We have been so busy in the studio since restarting after the Covid lockdown that I have had this piece sitting waiting to be blown for a couple of months. Brendon and I finally blew it last week. I also started painting the same image on canvas at home last week. Here are a few different views of the finished glass piece and the canvas with just the underpainting (complementary colours). The drawing is from one of the development days I attended when I worked at The Learning Connexion.  I redrew the coloured working drawing three times so as to simplify it for the painting on glass. I been referring to all three versions for the the painting on canvas. The painting and drawing style I am evolving messes around with ideas like open and closed forms, the flatness of the canvas surface and being imbedded in the world rather than separate from it. 


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